Your trainer for management, communication and sales

My professional career

It all started with my time in the German army in 1983. That’s where I cut my teeth. I was 1st personnel officer and at the same time, I completed my traineeship in office administration.

After graduating in business administration in 1992, I continued as a business trainer.

This was followed by some exciting years in insurance sales, finishing in 2001 as training manager.

I then worked as a sales trainer and salesman in the printing sector. Later, I was responsible for the successful implementation of a CRM system.

I gained further experience in management and sales during my time as head of human resources and trainer for management and sales.

In 2010, I took steps to fulfil a long-held dream of becoming self-employed as a trainer for management, communication and sales.


My qualities as a trainer

I have many years’ experience in management and sales, as an employee and as a team player.

I have benefited from observing both pleasant and unpleasant behavioural examples of interpersonal communication in various sectors.

My training skills are based on techniques which I have personally used or experienced in day-to-day management and sales.

What participants and clients say about my training

"Excellent personal skills

Strong focus on activities and hands-on skills

Exceptional social and communicative skills

Solid specialised and methodological skills"

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