With years of experience, both in the business world and from running seminars, I can help you to achieve noticeable improvements in your personal development.


About me

Your trainer for management, communication & sales

My sales training is based on my own experience as a salesperson and on my current experience with sales training. From securing an appointment via the telephone to successfully negotiating in final discussions, you benefit from my knowledge and expertise. Again, my focus is on real-life situations so that you get a true feel for your current sales behaviour. You’ll learn how to change your behaviour to improve your success as a salesperson. Whether you’re a key account manager, sales manager or sales rep, the guidelines from my sales training will significantly increase your personal sales success.

My management training has a strong focus on real life situations. Have you just been promoted to a leadership or management position for the first time? I know what that’s like and I understand the new challenges you’ll face because I’ve been there myself. In my seminars for management training, you’ll get practical advice on the best way to talk to and communicate with your staff in your everyday working life. Whether you’re doing a performance appraisal, moderating a meeting, conducting a conflict resolution discussion, negotiating or delegating tasks, you can trust in my know-how. Taking part in one of my management seminars will make your life as a manager much easier.

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